IC3D Steel 2.0

Thank you for your interest in IC3D Steel product. Please check the information below regarding the last available version:

Version 2.0
Release Date 09/09/2014
Comments: Installation Instructions
Download Link (2.0 RC1 Stable): IC3D Steel MSI Installer
Known Issues (Targeted SP1):
  • #318 Move the components library from drop-box server
  • #317 SolidWorks 2015 compatibility
  • #316 Support for SW2015
  • #252 Profile / Joint popup sketch preview wrong size on some monitors
  • #283 incorrect selection for connection references
  • #268 Resovle Names can lead to "Object reference not set to instance of object"
  • #213 Project Data Appears Lost if Export Before "OK"
  • #279 2 error pings for this connection but there doesn't seem to be anything wrong
  • #284 when inserting connections I have to resize the window every time
  • #217 Can the Project Manager remember the Location of the previous projects...
  • #315 Different backgrounds created with new project button
  • #314 Opening projects with same named members causes issues
  • #313 Folders in feature tree
  • #312 Today's date button for date field in Project manager
  • #192 Support Bolting System (e.g. "bolt + washer + 2 off nut" or "bolt + washer + 1 off nut")
  • #216 Tidy Project Interface - use same line for both "use default template" and title
  • #221 Inserting many members at once slows down (but doesn't crash)
  • #223 The ICST User ID is too long to be of use (as drawing or sheets)
  • #230 Warning when number of bolt holes exceeds physical dimensions
  • #234 Cannot select body when component is lighweight
  • #209 Project Manager - lower right window overlaps scroll
  • #259 Steel Tutor needs to allow for no sound
  • #260 Provide functionality to pause tutorial
  • #263 Inserting Joints - Mode Switch Sometimes results in a symm mate being missed out
  • #294 Angle Cleat (F) overshoots column width. is this right?
  • #287 Auto-numbering selection
  • #246 Output Parameters automatically propogated when dimensions, sketches and features selected
  • #282 Connections are initially facing in the right direction.
  • #276 Too many options cause scroll bar within a scoll bar during insertion
  • #249 Use Project Manager to drive default settings in Configurator
  • #269 Add file name to Configurator
  • #270 Prevent multiple instances of the same Configurator being open at the same time.
  • #275 Preview page of configurator doesn't behave as expected for long option lists
  • #278 If there is no body there for the cut to apply to it causes an error
  • #277 Set sketches in profile parts to hidden by default
  • #280 How do I rename Projects in the Project Manager?
  • #271 Prevent the user from being able to close a part with its Configurator still open.
  • #212 Project Name - Details Tab / Date Created
  • #242 Font size in Configurator is too small

Please report any issues through the Unfuddle ticketing system or by e-mail
Your input is much appreciated!

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